Eclectic and Diverse Content all at once

Providing Abundant Contents developed on the Solid Curriculum!

Provide essential supplementary materials such as Student Book 1~3,
Readers 1~3, Workbook 1~3, Flashcard, Sticker and Board Game!

Textbook Material

    • Student Book,
    • Flashcard
    • Board Game
    • Sticker
    • Workbook


  • Student Book
  • Workbook
  • Readers
  • Imitate a sound and writingRead a Key word and Chant
    (Total : 3 syllables, 9 words)

  • Review words that you learned
    with sticker activities & chant
    Activities (Reading, Writing work)

  • Activities (Reading, Writing work)Read story & Learn Sight Words

  • Contents(Per book with 2~3 stories)Review words from the main textbook & sight words

  • Listen and Read the storyListen and Read the story

  • Review Activity

Multimedia tools

Providing Web / App Player

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

A New function for Speaking and Assessment!
With Phonics Hero, you can speak English and receive instant pronunciation feedback.

Step 01

Evaluate Pronunciation of Each word

Try Again: 0-40 / Good: 41-70 / Great: 71-100

Step 02

Evaluate Pronunciation of Whole Sentences

Try Again / Good / Great


    Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  • Books Units Contents Readers



    Unit 1 Aa Bb Cc Story 1
    Bear’s Birthday
    Unit 2 Dd Ee Ff
    Unit 3 Gg Hh Ii
    Unit 4 Review
    Unit 5 Jj Kk Ll Story 2
    The Key and the Notebook
    Unit 6 Mm Nn Oo
    Unit 7 Pp Qq Rr
    Unit 8 Review
    Unit 9 Ss Tt Uu Story 3
    Hide and Seek
    Unit 10 Vv Ww Xx
    Unit 11 Yy Zz
    Unit 12 Review
  • Books Units Contents Readers


    "Vowel Sound"

    Unit 1 at an ap Story 1
    Ted Wants to Play!
    Unit 2 et ed en
    Unit 3 ip ig in
    Unit 4 Review
    Unit 5 ot op ox Story 2
    Find the Pop!
    Unit 6 ug ut un
    Unit 7 ake ave ame
    Unit 8 Review
    Unit 9 ide ike ive Story 3
    The Five Cubes
    Unit 10 ole ome one
    Unit 11 une ute ube
    Unit 12 Review
  • Books Units Contents Readers


    "Double Letter Sounds"

    Unit 1 bl cl fl Story 1
    A Busy Day
    Unit 2 gr dr tr
    Unit 3 sn st sw
    Unit 4 ch- sh- th-
    Unit 5 -ch -sh -th
    Unit 6 Review
    Unit 7 ai ay Story 2
    Playing in the Rain
    Unit 8 ea ee
    Unit 9 oa ow
    Unit 10 ou ow
    Unit 11 oi oy
    Unit 12 Review

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Providing Abundant Contents developed on the Solid Curriculum!

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    My friends say I'm very wise.
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